Sunday, January 6, 2013

Lazy Weekends!

I LOVE having lazy weekends at home!  I really cannot remember the last time that I stayed in my pjs TWO DAYS in a ROW!  Here are some of our latest pictures!  As you can tell, we have spent most of our time playing!

Raegan loves the remote control.  We gave her one without batteries, but sometimes she gets really mad when it doesn't change anything on the tv.  Here she is pointing her remote at the tv.  

"Hello....hello, daddy, are you there?"

She LOVES her baby dolls!

The stroller occasionally is used for the baby, but more often it is used to transport other things!

Happy screams!  This is ONE LOUD GIRL!!!

Taking the cozy coupe out for a quick spin on the coldest day since last February!

No more bottles in the day...sippy cups only for this big girl!

 Is that not the cutest little scarf?? A lady that I work with made it for Raegan!  SO CUTE!

She has just recently realized how funny it is to stick her tongue out, and she is mesmerized when you do it back at her.  

A girl, her baby doll.....and her fire station!

Just have a seat!  Tiger is so good with Raegan!  She has recently discovered where we keep the dog bones, so Tiger is even more fond of her now!  Every time the cabinet door is left open, she gets him bones and feeds them to him one by one!

Hope you and your family are having as wonderful start to 2013 as we are!!!

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