Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas morning...

Yep, it is Christmas morning and I am updating our BLOG!  It doesn't really feel like Christmas morning at our house because Matt is at work and Raegan is down for her morning nap, so the house is silent (except for the thumping of the overfilled washing machine and the snoring dog on the sofa beside me). This is the second Christmas in a row that Matt has had to work.  He left this morning around 5:00 and won't be home until around 8:00 in the morning.  Usually the shifts alternate so he would only have to work holidays once ever three years, but the ol leap year threw the shift calendar for a loop and his crew has been stuck with ALL the holidays for the past 2 years now!  Since we knew he wouldn't be home Christmas, we put in a request for Santa to come a night early and he did!  We had the mentality that Raegan is still so young that she won't understand the whole Santa thing, so she didn't really ask for much.  But then you go out shopping, and you see the cutest little fire station, and a rocking chair that she just has to have, and the just a few gifts for Christmas turns into filling up Santa's whole bag!  She played with her new toys and rocked in her new chair for most of the morning, then we headed to celebrate with my family.  I love our Christmas Eve tradition of going out to dinner (we changed it up to lunch this year), then going back to my mom's house to open gifts.  It's always so much fun to see the kids get excited about their presents and to spend time with each other.  With everyones' busy schedules, we rarely are able to do this anymore!  Here are many pictures of our Christmas 2012!  I hope you and your family had a blessed day!  We will be heading up to Toccoa later to visit with the rest of our family and wrap up our Christmas festivities!  MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

The loot from Santa!
I just can't decide what to play with first!

How about a puzzle?

Or maybe the fire station?

 Nah, I think I will just eat my raisins!

This wore me out!  I think I will just drink some milk and watch tv in my new rocking chair!

Wagon ride, delivering all the new toys to the playroom!

Grandmother only turns the heat on when we come over.  Raegan kept her hat on until the house warmed up a little :>)  I used to wear a HUGE scarf all winter when I lived at home because mom kept it so cold in there!


Mom with all her grandkids!

The girl cousins have to stick together with all those boys around!

Our little family!

Me and my sweet baby girl!

The Hildreth crew

The siblings

The whole family!

Poor Rae was so sleepy since she missed her afternoon nap. She decided to lay down in the middle of all the chaos to take a rest.

The she regained her energy and decided to dive/climb into all the presents.

and that wore her out, so she needed to rest some more....this time with her feet propped up

Rocking her new baby doll from Grandmother.

Her first cowgirl boots!!  All the kids got cowboy boots this Christmas!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Just playing around!

I've been doing a really poor job of taking pictures of Raegan lately....I mean, I have only taken about 100 so far this month!  Haha!  I'm used to taking 100 or so every few days!  I just need to keep my camera laying around so I can snap them!  Here are some of our latest!  She is at SUCH A FUN age right now!  She is playing independently, loves her stuffed animals and baby dolls, and LOVES pushing around her stroller and shopping cart....as long as the wall or furniture does not get in her way!

12 months pictures

 I'm gonna get you!

Sweet smile!!  

Her hair is really getting thick!  

When Matt is at work, Rae will stand at the windows and yell "Da-dee."  It is so precious, but also sad at the same time!  She really misses him while he is gone!

Extreme Couponer....or coupon eater!

Helping Mommy sweep the floors!  One of Rae's favorite toys at her babysitters house is a vacuum.  Maybe she will continue to enjoy doing chores as she gets older!

She is ALWAYS talking (or yelling)!!  She uses her hands to talk and tells some very interesting stories!

Bath time is one of her FAVORITE times of the day!  She takes a bath EVERY SINGLE night and loves getting naked and running from us!  She is so silly!

 Daddy is chasing me!!!!

The morning of her first birthday, she wore her party hat around all morning!

Some of my latest pinterest (Miriam Sims Robinson) inspired crafts!  I had pinned this on pinterest a while back, but then saw Miriam had posted a picture of the one she made on facebook.  I decided to give it a whirl with an extra canvas that I had.  It turned out so cute, I have made 9 of them so far this Christmas!  I made them for all of the teachers that I work with, as well as a hostess gift for one of Matt's co-workers that hosted their station Christmas party.  Fairly cheap and fun, but SUPER cut Christmas gift idea!